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The Department of Roads is a regulatory arm of Ministry of Transport and Public Works, responsible for the creation of an environment to ensure provision of adequate, safe, reliable, efficient and economical road transport services in order to meet the county's current and future road transport needs.

An all weather road network

To regulate road construction and maintenance through regular law enforcement policies, standards and practices to ensure a safe, efficient, sustainable and well co - ordinate national road network.

•To create a climate that nurtures, encourages, and sustains the participation of the private sector in the financing, the construction, the maintenance and the management of roads in Malawi.
•To provide an adequate network of roads for the movement of goods and people within, into and out of Malawi, and facilitate the continued development of the country's rural areas
•Construct and or promote the construction of economically justified domestic and inter - country roads capable of meeting current and future traffic trends linking areas of production to areas of consumption at national, sub - regional and international lives.
•Use and enforce appropriate road design standards and specifications.
•Promote the increased participation of the private sector in the construction of new roads.

Contacts: Department of Roads
Address: Private Bag 316, Lilongwe 3.
Tel:(265) 01 789 374

Responsible Officer:Director of Roads
Mr. Kelvin Mphonda





"To ensure the provision of effective and sustainable transport system."


"A sustainable, safe, efficient and reliable transport system."


To establish a safe and sustainable transport system that can foster a competitive operation of commercially viable, financially sustainable and environmentally friendly services.

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