Department of Road Traffic (Road Traffic Directorate)

The Directorate of Road traffic is regulatory arm of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, responsible for all matters relating to the road transportation, as well as issues pertaining to the implementation of policies and directions sanctioned under various Regional and International Conventions such as SADC and COMESA.
As a technical wing of the Ministry, the directorate also plays a crucial role in the provision of advisory services to other government institutions and stakeholders in road transport industry.

Mandates and Responsibilities
The mandate of the directorate is prescribe in the road Traffic Act (1997) which provides a legal framework for the Road Transport industry. Under this act, the Directorate of Road Traffic is charged with the responsibility to administer regulatory provisions governing Motor Vehicle Administration, Driver licensing Administration, Operator Authorization and permit Control and other issues related to traffic management control. the Directorate's authority is further derived from the provisions of the National transport Policy Document (November 2000)

Safe , Vibrant, Reliable and sustainable Road Transport Industry

Regulate Road Transport industry through regular law enforcement policies, standards and procedures to ensure a safe, efficient, sustainable, reliable and well coordinates National Road Transport Management system.

•To effectively administer the provisions of the road traffic Act - 1997
•To develop and nurture an effective and efficient road traffic management system that ensures order and discipline within the scope of the Road transport Industry.
•To enforce the existing traffic rules and regulations with integrity
•To update and manage an effective road traffic information and data management System that provides accurate, reliable and timely.
•To continuous examine needs and priorities for road transport services and assess relevance and effectiveness of current and authorization procedures.
•To periodically review standards and procedures for driver training, instructor certification to ensure continued improvement in motorization standards in the country.
•To develop, implement and manage a vehicle inspection system that will ensure acceptable standards in vehicle road worthiness.
•To continuously examine and update requirements for road traffic signs, markings, and signal systems in order to reduce traffic conflicts and potential road safety hazards.
•To instill a culture of voluntary compliance through effective civic education and public awareness campaigns.
•To uphold the code of ethics, precedents and norms at all functional levels to ensure honesty, integrity, security and transparency in the delivery of services to the general public
•To effectively implement Regional and International Conventions to which Malawi subscribes.
•To ensure maintenance of sustainable and competitive road transport industry.

Contacts:Director of Road Traffic.
Mr James Chirwa
Address: Private Bag 257 Lilongwe 3.
Tel:(265) 01 756 398/177
Fax:(265) 01 755 986






"To ensure the provision of effective and sustainable transport system."


"A sustainable, safe, efficient and reliable transport system."


To establish a safe and sustainable transport system that can foster a competitive operation of commercially viable, financially sustainable and environmentally friendly services.

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