The Railways Division is a regulatory arm of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, responsible for all matters relating to railway transportation as well as issues pertaining to the implementation of policies and directions sanctioned by Government and various Regional and International conventions to which Malawi is a party. As a Technical wing of the Ministry, the Division also plays a crucial role in the provision of advisory services to other government institutions and stakeholders in rail transport industry issues.

In March, 2010 Government of Malawi established the Railways Division in the Ministry of Transport and Public Works to carry out oversight functions for the rail sub-sector. The increase in both infrastructure and rolling stock deterioration pose a great challenge on the operations of the Division in that, despite having legal institutional framework that regulates the rail transport industry in Malawi, the country has been and continues to experience high transport costs due to overdependence of road sub-sector due to poor railway infrastructure and rolling stock. This state of affairs has led to the country’s goods not being competitive to the outside world as almost 50% of the production cost is attributed to transportation.

The mandate of the Division is derived from the laws of Malawi Cap. 69.03 – The Railways Act (1907), which provides a legal framework for the Rail Transport Industry.

The purpose of the Railways Division is to ensure a safe, efficient and reliable railway transport system for ease of movement of goods, people and services.

In order to achieve the above functions, the Division has five objectives, namely:

a)Promotion of railway safety and environmental protection;

b)Ensuring that the Railways Act and other legal instruments are updated periodically and strengthened;

c)Improvement of operational efficiency and commercial viability of railway companies;

d)Prevention of adverse environmental effects of railway construction and ensuring that the infrastructure is environmentally friendly;

e)Improvement of levels of service to all users including people with disabilities at an affordable cost.

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Responsible Officer:Controller of Rail Transport Services




"To ensure the provision of effective and sustainable transport system."


"A sustainable, safe, efficient and reliable transport system."


To establish a safe and sustainable transport system that can foster a competitive operation of commercially viable, financially sustainable and environmentally friendly services.

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