This department is the hub of this Ministry’s policy analysis and formulation, development programme formation and monitoring and evaluation of service delivery. It links the Ministry of Transport and Public Works to the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development.

The purpose of the Transport Planning Department is “To coordinate the formulation of policies, legislation and programmes; monitor and evaluate the performance of the Ministry in the implementation of policies and development programmes.”

In order to achieve this purpose Transport Planning Department carries out the following functions:-
(i)The provision of policy analysis and programme development services;
(ii)The development and management of transport corridors;
(iii)The monitoring and evaluation of development policies programmes;
(iv)Identification of potential projects, undertaking feasibility studies and the preparation of projects proposals;
(v)Advises government on transport and public works policies;
(vi)Plans and coordinate transport systems in the country through analysis, monitoring and review of strategies plans;
(vii)Assesses impact of a development programme on the environment and advises government on the way forward; and
(viii)Reviewing existing and formulates appropriate pieces of legislation for efficient delivery of services.

The Department is organized into three sections as follows:-
(a)Policy Analysis and Programme Development Section responsible for:-

•Conducting economic analysis of policies and guiding the Ministry and other stakeholders in the transport and Infrastructure development sectors;

•Reviewing and formulating bilateral and multilateral legal instruments on transport and infrastructure development services;

•Consolidation of development programmes from all departments of the Ministry;

•Promotion and enhancement of project coordination regarding project preparation the value for money;

•Consolidation of the Ministry’s budget;

(b)Transport Corridors Development Section is responsible for

•Coordination and facilitation of the identification and development, of transport corridors;
•Coordination of stakeholder participation in the development, implementation and utilization of the transport corridors.

(c)Monitoring and Evaluation Section is responsible for:-

•Monitoring and evaluation of policy and programme impact on the economic development of the country;
•Monitoring of implementation of work plan and budgets of all departments under the Ministry.

Contacts:Transport Planning Department
Address: Private Bag 322, Lilongwe 3.
Tel:(265) 01 788, 741
Fax:(265) 01 788 409
Responsible Officer:The Acting Director of Transport Planning
Mr. John Phiri




"To ensure the provision of effective and sustainable transport system."


"A sustainable, safe, efficient and reliable transport system."


To establish a safe and sustainable transport system that can foster a competitive operation of commercially viable, financially sustainable and environmentally friendly services.

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