Plant and Vehicle Hire Organization was established in 1971 under section 17 of Finance and Audit Act cap 37.01 (GN-1971). It was created as a Treasury Fund to operate on commercial basis with the principal aims as follows:-
•To provide the public and private sectors with Plant and Vehicles for hire
•To provide maintenance and repair services to plant and vehicles to all public institutions and the private sector at the most economic rates consistent with the quality of services required.

In order to achieve these objectives, PVHO is required to reimburse itself for expenditure incurred in pursuit of the objectives by the levy of:-
•Equitable hire rates for the provision of plant and vehicle hire services.
•Equitable charges for the maintenance and repair services against the user Ministries /Departments and the general public.

In addition to the above responsibilities, PVHO carries out the following activities:-
•Acts as a registration and disposal authority for all government plant and vehicles.
•Provides technical advice to the government on plant and vehicles on matters and purchase policy.
•Carries out pre-delivery inspection and commissioning of new plant and vehicles bought by the government.

The Secretary for Transport and Public Infrastructure is charged with the responsibility of administering the Fund and maintains all books of accounts so that a profit and loss account is produced annually. The Director of PVHO who reports to the Secretary for Transport and Public Infrastructure heads the Fund.

There is also an advisory committee (PVHO Advisory Board) that was set up as a technical and management body to advise the Secretary for Transport and Public Infrastructure on PVHO matters. The committee is currently composed of representatives from Ministries of Health, Commerce and Industry, Development Planning and Cooperation, Finance, Agriculture and Food Security, Irrigation and Water Development, Office of the President and Cabinet, Bunda College of Agriculture and Road Traffic Directorate. Ministry of Transport and Public Infrastructure chairs the Board.

PVHO was established in 1971 under section 17 of the Finance and Audit Act Cap 37:01 to provide public and private sector institutions with plant and vehicles for hire.

The Vision of PVHO is “To be a leader in the provision of sustainable road transport and construction machinery”

The Mission of PVHO is “To provide reliable transport and construction machinery to the public and private sector by procuring and maintaining standard durable plant and vehicles for hire at affordable rates in order to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country”

Contacts:Plant and Vehicle Hire Organisation (PVHO)
Address: Private Bag 32, Blantyre ..
Tel:(265) 01 01824136
Fax:(265) 01836983
Responsible Officer:Director of PVHO
Mr. Simon Namuthuwa




"To ensure the provision of effective and sustainable transport system."


"A sustainable, safe, efficient and reliable transport system."


To establish a safe and sustainable transport system that can foster a competitive operation of commercially viable, financially sustainable and environmentally friendly services.

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